After 3 years, I figured out how to log back into LJ!

Lots has changed. Hope all is well with you if you read this!


I finally finally finally finally finally finally got my laptop back today!
I had enough drama with HP over this machine.
Now I can get caught up on my homework.

Hello :]

It's been a while due to my lack of having a computer. It's been tough and not having my laptop has caused me to fall behind in my classes. But hopefully, I will get in back next week. 

I hope all is well

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My video and/or hard drive is corrupted on my laptop. I am now computer less at the worst possible time and Best Buy wants to charge me $299 just to run a diagnostic & repair scan.

]]]]]]]]:  <---Extremely sad face

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Dan Aykroyd is going to be at our Temecula store signing autographs and promoting his new like of vodka. We're planning on dressing up as Ghostbusters when we meet him.